Furniture Gallery

Furniture Gallery

Antique furniture has character; it reminds us of a more romantic era when life was not so rushed. Dressing tables have mirrors that can often be adjusted to suit your height, and those tiny drawers up the top are just right for keeping make-up in. Some even have marble tops.
Antique wardrobes offer both hanging space and one or two drawers at the bottom to store anything from winter clothing and a spare blanket through to linen or other sundry items. In addition, they look beautiful – much nicer than their modern counterparts made of imitation timber or Laminex. The doors and drawers of antique furniture continue to open and close for many years because the timber and fittings are built to last. This is why so many people are becoming entranced with antique furniture.
It’s almost like an abstract work of art created by nature – with a little help from a craftsman who loves working with timber and the desire to create a beautiful piece of antique furniture.

Late Victorian Combination Wardrobe

Features:  Delightful Walnut Wardrobe with hanging space behind the Left Door and Draws behind the right with carvings and a very interesting Gallery Price: $1550.00

Walnut Art Nouveau Hall Stand

Features:  Lovely Art Nouveau Walnut Hall stand with glass panels behind Copper motives complete with seat, Umbrella Tray and Glove compartment Price: $1450.00

Pair Cast Iron Fire Dogs

Features:  Pair lovely old Cast Iron Fire Dogs Price: $295.00

Art Nouveau Newspaper Stand

Features:  Small Art Nouveau Newspaper Stand Manufactured from Wrought iron and Copper   Price: $325.00

Edwardian Marble Topped Bedside Cabinet

Features:  Small Marble Topped Edwardian Bedside Cabinet with Brass Gallery,Casters and Mirror Back in Original Condition   Price: $495.00

Oak Marble Top and Tile Back Cabinet

    Features: This cabinet /Washstand has Original Marble and Nouveau Tiles Price: $695.00

Crown Devon 6 Piece Luster Coffee Set

 Features:   Price: $140.00

Crown Devon 8 Piece Dinner Set

 Features: Price: $695.00

Edwardian Blackwood Overmantle

Features:Very Elegant from beautiful Blackwood with original Patina, displaying Bevel mirrors,Carvings and delightful spindles.   Size: High 1600 mm Wide 1370 mm Deep 220 mm Price: $1450.00 overmantle Price: $895.00 Fire Surround

Blackwood Fire Place Surround

Size:1210 mm high, 1480 mm Wide. Features : Fire surround Price:$895.00

Victorian Cast Iron Book Press

Size: 780 mm wide and 1000 mm high closed.Very Heavy ; Plate size is 450 mm x 600 mm Features: Complete with original Patina,Branded R.Collie & Co Melbourne Price: $1750.00

Victorian Hall Chair

Details:  Carved Back Price: $255.00

Antique Victorian Walnut Chiffonier

Detail: 2 Door,and 2 Draws ,1210 mm Wide,475 mm Deep and 1830 mm High Price: $1250.00

Collection of interesting old tools

Features: Interesting Assortment Old Vices and Leg Vice,Blacksmith Tools, House Jack,Shoe Lasts an others Price: All at Various Prices

Maple Cheval Mirror

Price: $650.00

Small Victorian Cedar Washstand

Details: Delicate single bowl Cedar washstand with hanging rail and shelf Size: 790 mm wide,450 mm Deep,1190 mm High Price:: $450.00

Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet

Features: Art Deco Cocktail Cabinet with enhanced polish and original inside painted bull rush paintings on the glass Price: $750.00

Antique Blackwood Sideboard

Features: Beautiful original Blackwood sideboard with Cabriole legs,curved front and oval mirror Price: $1100.00

Blackwood Piano Stool

Features: Blackwood piano Stool with storage lid and original upholstery Price: $395.00

 Collection of Maritime Memorabilia

Featuring: Anchors,Ropes,Ores, Baskets,Cray traps,Rods,Reals      Price : Assorted Prices

Furniture Waxes, Polishes and Cleaners

Brands: Gilly Stephenson’s, Goddard’s, Aussie Furniture Waxes, Oils and Cleaners